Cornwall, June 2017

I’m a student from Slovenia, currently finishing my master’s degree in Russian and English in Ljubljana. My interests are:

  • languages, obviously (I also speak Italian and am learning Spanish),
  • writing (creative as well; my all time dream is to get a book published),
  • travelling and living abroad,
  • eating and cooking plant-based,
  • attending rock concerts,
  • doing sport,
  • reading.

So, now you know what you can expect to find on here. I’ve basically decided to start a blog because I felt like I needed a place where I could write about everything I love, and share some potentially useful stuff too. I know my interests seem a bit all over the place, but to me it’s all connected: wherever I’ll go, I’ll look for vegan food, nice places to see and good music to listen to. Thank you so much for reading!