5 Vegan Dinners

Here’s a selection of 5 vegan dinners anyone can make! Three are savoury, and two are sweet (I have a sweet tooth, and I often honour it), but still healthy-ish. The most common ingredients in these recipes are avocados, tofu and, surprise, bananas.

Avo pasta

To be honest, I never have this for dinner as I usually don’t eat cooked dinner; for me it’s either salad/oats/bread or rice cakes with something, or some random thing I find in the kitchen. I never, ever, cook rice or pasta or something similarly normal in the evening; it’s just never been a tradition in my family as lunch is the main meal for us. But I know some people do it, so here’s a recipe for a proper dinner (which is also very quick and simple).


  • pasta
  • a small avocado or half a large one
  • spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder (or fresh chopped garlic)
  • lemon juice
  • optional: nutritional yeast/nooch (vegan parmesan, they say)
  • optional: any cooked veggies or some fresh chopped tomatoes


Cook the pasta and meanwhile make the “guacamole” (I don’t even know what comes in the original one, hence the quotation marks). Peal the avocado (just cut it in half and scoop out the edible part with a spoon), mash it with a fork, adding some lemon juice (less than half a lemon), a pinch of salt, black pepper to taste, and some garlic powder (depends on how much of a garlic person you are). When the pasta’s done, drain it, throw it back into the pot, add the avo sauce and stir thoroughly (you don’t need to heat it up). At this point you can add the nutritional yeast and the veggies of choice or sprinkle some sunflower seeds or nuts on top. That’s it!

Avo pasta (had it with a side salad: llettuce with mustard, as weird as that sounds).

Tofu scramble

As vegans don’t eat eggs, there are many alternatives, and that’s one of them (I wouldn’t say it tastes anything like eggs, but it looks a bit like scrambled eggs, and it’s good).


  • a quarter of a block of original firm tofu
  • a spoon of mustard
  • spices: salt, black pepper, turmeric, paprika, powdered garlic, powdered onion (the last two can also be fresh, just being lazy here)
  • a splash of water
  • a bit of soy sauce (optional, and I’d leave the salt out in this case)
  • a spoon of nooch (optional)
  • some mushrooms (optional)


Throw everything in a pan, don’t forget to add a splash of water, and fry it! I like having it with some “guacamole”, the recipe for which you can find above.

Tofu scramble, “guacamole”, broccoli and corn cakes.

Bean hummus dip

That’s a very lazy one.


  • a can of any beans (I used cannellini)
  • lemon juice to taste
  • spices: salt and pepper
  • a teaspoon of tahini (sesame paste)
  • a splash of water
  • any veggies you can eat raw
  • rice/corn cakes or crackers or bread


Blend everything except the veggies and the crackers. Dip the veggies and the crackers in the bean hummus or spread it on a slice of bread.

Bean hummus dip, carrot, chayote and corn cakes.

Banana and tofu spread

I used to love mashing a ripe banana with some quark and cinnamon, spreading it on toasted bread and topping it with a drizzle of honey (which, I’d say, is proof that veganism didn’t make me weird; I’ve just always been this way, haha). So, as always, I veganized it. This also makes a good breakfast!


  • toasted bread
  • one ripe banana
  • a quarter of a block of firm original tofu
  • cinnamon
  • syrup (I used rice syrup)


Mash the banana together with the tofu (you should get a lot of the spread, perhaps too much for two slices of bread, but you can always eat it as it is because it’s delicious). Spread it on toasted bread and, if you want, drizzle with syrup and add some cinnamon. It will be messy but worth it, and you can even sprinkle some chopped toasted nuts on top.

No, I didn’t eat the flower.

Sweet potato and banana disaster

And finally the last out of the 5 vegan dinners. It’s not something I usually make unless I have leftover baked sweet potatoes, because it sort of takes a while longer to prepare (just because you have to bake the potato; I don’t like it boiled or microwaved as much). It’s special, though, and yum. This could also be breakfast or, well, dessert.


  • one whole small baked sweet potato
  • one ripe banana
  • some cinnamon if desired
  • a spoon of cocoa powder
  • a spoon of liquid sweetener
  • a splash of soy milk


Pill the potato (the pill is tasty btw), put it in a bowl, add the banana and blend it with a stick hand blender (or in a smoothie maker). Then prepare the sauce: mix cocoa powder, syrup and a splash of milk in a small cup, then microwave for thirty seconds and stir well once it’s hot. Pour over the potato-banana thingy and sprinkle some nuts on top if you feel like it. That’s it, enjoy!

It really does look like dessert (and tastes like it too).

I realise that these 5 vegan dinners are very random, but that’s what dinner is to me: random. My breakfasts are always fruity, oaty and sweet, and my lunches are always loaded with vegetables, and often with some sort of legumes. But my dinners? They are whatever I feel like eating, have time for preparing, and is lying in the kitchen.  Also, if you’ve checked my posts about vegan breakfasts and dinners, you now have an idea of what I, as a vegan, usually eat in a day (plus some fruit for snacks and minus the pasta for dinner). That’s just me, though, I bet that other vegans eat differently as every person has diverse needs and preferences.

In case you’re interested in more recipes, I also have a post with vegan breakfasts and one with dinners.